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Benefits to Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

For many people, deciding to file bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. Now, add the already existing stressors of employment, health, family, and the like. An attorney at The Vick Law Firm understands this can be a difficult time, and is here to help alleviate the emotional and financial stress so that you can begin your journey toward a fresh financial start.

Hiring a bankruptcy attorney offers many benefits. At the onset of retaining a bankruptcy attorney, you can let your creditors know that you have retained an attorney to file your bankruptcy case. While creditors can still contact you until you have filed bankruptcy, often times, creditors will put off collection efforts (i.e., filing a lawsuit, etc.), if there is a possibility that a bankruptcy case may be filed.

The paperwork necessary to file a bankruptcy case can be difficult. A bankruptcy attorney has extensive knowledge about bankruptcy law, and stays abreast of changes in the law. A bankruptcy attorney will help you put together the paperwork, and ensure that the forms are completed properly and timely filed.

Most importantly, the job of a bankruptcy attorney is to alleviate your financial stress so that you can focus on the most important matters in your life your family, employment, and school.

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