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Firm Overview

The Vick Law Firm's mission is to help debtors get through their financial hardship and achieve a fresh start in life. Sometimes life does not deal debtors – i.e., attorney, doctor, business owner, accountant, factory worker, construction worker - the easiest hand. Sometimes they may have experienced a job loss or medical problem that created financial distress. Or, perhaps they have gotten a divorce, and now their household income is reduced, not allowing them to take care of their debts and household expenses. In such situations, it is not uncommon to turn to credit cards, payday loans, or the like, to make ends meet. Such situations can ultimately result in a lawsuit, judgment, car repossession, or home foreclosure.

However they got to this point in life, an attorney from the Firm will be there to help them throughout the whole step of the process so they can get their fresh start.

The Firm's mission is to also aggressively and efficiently represent the financial interests of commercial and residential landlords involving real estate issues, including rent and possession and breach of lease. Representation will involve pursuing post-judgment collection efforts, including application for judgment lien and garnishment.
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